West Coast Music AcademyWCMA HISTORY - In 1996, Carina Brown started off as “Carinas Musici” at the local school, Hopefield High School (musici meaning musicians in Latin). There were not more than 20 music students initially, but numbers grew each year. In 2003, parents in the nearby town heard of the success of her students and the quality of her teaching, and have asked her to expand her teaching area.

She has then moved out to teach in Langebaan also, one day a week. In 2005, the first additional tutor was appointed, and in 2006, the second. As more staff members were appointed, the music school could not function under Carinas Musici anymore, and in 2008 the name changed to West Coast Music Academy.

The Academy has expanded since then and is currently operating at schools in 4 different towns, with 13 tutors on the staff. What started off as a single tutor at a small school has grown into one of the biggest Private Music Academy’s in the West Coast, and also in South Africa.

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