Congratulations to our Top 3 Achievers (Elite Musici) for 2017, awarded at the WCMA Prize-Giving on 29 November: Sarah Kleynhans, Owen Dalton, and Nelandi Boshoff.


Floating Trophies awarded at the WCMA Prize-Giving:

Highest Achievement in Music as Subject 2017:   Nelandi Boshoff   (average of 88,3%)

Highest Theory Achievement Pre-Grade 1 – Grade 2:   Penelope Cole   (100%  UNISA Pre-Gr. 1 Theory)

Highest Theory Achievement Grade  3 – 5:   Sarah Kleynhans   (98%  Trinity Grade 5 Theory)

Highest Theory Achievement Grade  6 – 8:   Joanné Coetsee   (94%  Trinity Grade 6 Theory)

Primary School Elementary Practical Achievement (Gr.1-3):   Joel Janneker   (95%  Rockschool Gr.3 Piano)

Primary School Intermediate Practical Achievement  (Gr.4-6):   Gustav Hough   (90%  Rockschool Grade 4 Drums)

High School Elementary Practical Achievement (Gr.1-3):  Aidan Daniels & Micaela van der Walt  (both achieved 94%  for Trinity Grade 1 Cello, and Grade 1 Piano)

High School Intermediate Practical Achievement  (Gr.4 – 6):  Sarah Kleynhans   (88% Trinity Grade 6 Singing)

High School Advanced Practical Achievement (Gr.7-8):  Owen Dalton       (90% Trinity Grade 7 Clarinet)

Anker Floating Trophy for Confidence:   D’mitri Linnerd  

Edumusic Floating Trophy – Continuous Achievement:   Sarah Kleynhans